Seven Dance Company is a contemporary dance company with a goal to inspire, encourage, and create a new way of thinking through movement exploration. We bring together a collaboration of artists who share the same vision and believe in sharing what we love. Seven is located in the beautiful Columbus, Ohio and rehearses out of Seven Dance Academy in Lewis Center.

Company members are professional dancers who have successfully proven themselves in their field. Open company auditions are held every June and private auditions are held throughout the year by scheduling a time to take company class.  Video auditions are accepted, but a live audition may also be required. 

Company Apprentices work alongside the company dancers. Apprentices attend all company technique classes as well as company rehearsals. Apprentices have the opportunity to perform with the company if cast.

Seven’s Trainee Program offers dancers, beginning at age 16, the opportunity to train and dance at a professional level, while still attending high school or college. The Trainee program consists of technique classes with the company, as well as, attending company rehearsals and the opportunity to audition for company performances.  

 Trainees must audition for entrance to the trainee program and be dedicated to technique classes and rehearsal days.

 Seven Dance Company also offers private lessons with it's company dancers upon request. Please e-mail for information.

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 2014 Repertoire:

"Alice in Wonderland" 

June 29th 2014

McConnell Arts Center

2pm & 6pm

"To Whom it May Concern" 2014

You ask, he answers. He yells, you shiver. Shine and glow for no not now. he says yes you say no for there is no end to the madness you say. I wonder where is all this going. The are bugs in this house and yellow ghosts. How do I find my mind I've lost? To whom it may concern...?

 2013 Repertoire:

"Nutcracker Variation"

Staged by Cassia Cramer

"Les Saisons D'Amor" 

"Masquerade" Choreography - Cassia Cramer & Colleen Creamer

"Stay" Choreography - Melissa Brenner

"Serotonin Dissolution"  Choreograpy - Maria Martinez

"Amor Sin Fonteras" Choreography - Brittany Strine

"Unlovely" Choreography - Joanie Evans

"I Love (To Torment) You" Choreography - Judd Gibbs

"Lovely Diversions" Choreography - Cassia Cramer

This production is inspired by the human emotion love. We feel it, we live it, we breathe it, we use it, we despise it, we take it for granted, and we abandon it. In the words of William Shakespeare "Is love a tender thing? It is too rough,Too rude, too boist'rous; and it pricks like thorn."  Come let us take you on the ever changing journey of love as our choreographers use a wide range of art (from ballet to modern) as they express their own love.

2012 Repertoire:

"Human Design: A Simple Complex"

"Mind"  Choreography - Cassia Cramer

"Desire" Choreography -Cassia Cramer

"Fear" - Choreography - Cassia Cramer

"Love" Choreography - Jennifer Norris

"Soul"  Choreography - Colleen Creamer

"Anger" Choreography - Cassia Cramer & Company

"Pain" Choreography - Marlayna Locklear

"Body" Choreography - Joyelle Fobbs

Here we go again. I feel it. I can’t look back, can’t stop. Just breathe, breathe in, breathe out, let it go. I hear him, I hear his voice and I can’t shake it. I lift my eyes, I see the light. It’s time to be free and feel alive again. I think I know, I think I can, do it this time all alone. I will be free, there’s only One I need. Tonight I see the moon, I see it like I’ve never seen before. I can smell it taste it feel it touch it and yet I feel nothing. I do not love I do not care. I only want to be free. Free from this thing you call love, thing you call luck, thing you call pain. I will not be here for them to see, I will have pride and glory.

"The Hour of the Unseen"

"Attack of the Zombies" Choreography - Cassia Cramer

"Witches of the Night" Choreography - Colleen Creamer

"Skeletons" Choreography - Brittany Strine & Monet Alexander

"Vampire Pas De Deux Part I" Choreography - Cassia Cramer

"A Ghostly Night" Choreography - Cassia Cramer

"When the Full Moon Rises" Choreography - Cassia Cramer

"Mummified" Choreography - Cassia Cramer & Company

"Vampire Pas De Deux Part II" Choreograpy - Judd Gibbs

When the search for  light begins. The rain falls. His heart races. I feel nothing. I see nothing. Lost. Fear tugs at every fiber of your being. Midnight strikes and you find yourself lost in the Unseen Hour.





Mystery awaits…